Meet our Organizers

Sahir Moosvi
Camp Chair

Sahir is a data analyst at the University of British Columbia. He studied Biochemistry and Psychology in his undergrad before completing a Masters in Data Science at UBC. Sahir has served as a madrassah teacher at Az-Zahraa for over 10 years and has been involved in several projects in the Vancouver community such as A Journey into Islam. Sahir has also worked extensively with high school students at Connect Model United Nations, teaching them how to become global citizens able to discuss and debate complex international issues. Sahir's favourite outdoor activity is white water kayaking. He's looking forward to spending time with the campers and enjoying the beautiful environment and atmosphere of Camp Aspire!

Ali Redha Muljani

A final year engineering student, Ali is majoring in Materials Engineering (Biomaterials) at UBC. He enjoys traveling, photography (you might get to see a drone :0), hiking and bouldering/rock climbing. Ali has been involved with the community since he moved to Vancouver; teaching at AzZahraa Madressah, volunteering for A Journey into Islam as well as holding multiple positions in Thaqalayn Muslim Association at UBC. Ali wishes to have team building activities and spend time outdoors with the campers to create a close knit community and involve the youth in shaping the future.

Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza was born in the USA after his parents migrated from Iraq. He came to Canada in 2017 to start his PhD in Bioinformatics at The University of British Columbia. His favorite topic in Islam is tawhīd and character building. In his spare time, he likes to study Islam, workout, and spend quality time with mu'minīn. His favorite sports are football (American) and volleyball. For 2 years, Ali has held the Camp Aspire rock climbing record for speed – try to beat him this year!

Ali Redha Rashid

Aliridha is an Environmental Engineer, who by definition loves nature. He is passionate about community development and sports, specifically badminton. Since coming to Vancouver, he has been involved at the Madrasah Az-Zahraa where he has taught Grades 4 to 7 and is now serving his second term as the Vice Principal. With the help of amazing individuals, Aliridha served as Camp Aspire's first Camp Chair. The Camp's visionaries sought to bring the youth out of the confines of the mosque or Madrasah, and infuse Islam in their daily lives. He is excited to be part of this year's Camp Aspire team and is looking forward to an amazing time with you!

Tuqa Al-Shakarchi

Tuqa is currently a dental hygiene student at UBC. When she’s not learning about teeth, she enjoys hiking, canoeing, and watching sunsets. In the past few years, Tuqa has been involved with Camp Aspire, Co-chaired A Journey Into Islam, and was president of Thaqalayn Muslim Association at UBC. Tuqa believes in promoting inclusion and increasing access to interactive Islamic environments for youth to connect with their peers and community. At camp, Tuqa hopes to make new friends and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

Maham Kamal

A recent graduate from International Relations at UBC, Maham currently works at Sauder School of Business. She has been involved as a member and executive for TMA UBC and BC Newcomers Camp for refugees in the past few years. Even though she is mostly curled up with a book or knitting and crafting, Maham loves outdoor activities that involve water as she is fond of swimming. Maham also regularly writes on her blogs, that are mainly focused on personal growth in university and cooking. At camp, Maham hopes to get to know the young people around her and learn from them while giving them a great experience in the outdoors, that becomes a lifelong memory for them.

Ahsan Sahibzada

Ahsan is studying Economics and Law & Society at UBC. When he’s not learning about calculus, Ahsan enjoys swimming, biking and observing nature. Since coming to Vancouver in 2016, he has been involved with UBC’s Thaqalayn Muslim Association in various roles, most recently as its Treasurer and Carpool organizer. Ahsan has also held various leadership and student engagement portfolios at UBC. At Camp Aspire, he looks forward to spending time with campers and learning from them, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

Firas Moosvi

Firas is a Grade 7 teacher at the Az-Zahraa Madrasah. He recently got his PhD from UBC in Medical Physics. He has a great time experimenting  with novel teaching method and students generally seem to enjoy it as well. Firas loves the outdoors and in particular, water sports on canoes, kayaks. He is looking forward to taking students out camping this summer at Evan’s Lake!

Murtaza Kazmi

Murtaza finished his undergrad in Economics and Business from SFU and is now working as a Business Analyst. Currently, he is in his first year of MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Murtaza has been involved with the community with organizing the annual Muharram procession for many years, being part of the youth group at Aza e Hussain and teaching at Al-Mustafa Madrasah for 2 years. In his free time, Murtaza likes to run outdoors, hike and spend time with community members. Murtaza wishes that campers can have a fun and spiritual time and make at least one new friend at the camp this year!