The Camp Potlatch campsite is a beautiful retreat area and we want everyone to enjoy the stay and be comfortable. We are renting the area and the facilities are a trust, or Amanah that is being given to us. As Muslims, we are known by how we take care of the trusts that are given to us. All campers are required to take care of the facilities, treat it with respect, and avoid any damage to it.

Anyone found abusing the property will be charged the applicable damage fees and could be expelled from the camp. We hope that everyone will respect the rules stated here, however, if there are any repeated issues with a camper, we may have to send the camper home. Thank you in advance for your support!

– Take care of the facilities and avoid damage to any part of it.
– 3 R’s of Respect: Respect yourself, those around you, and your surroundings.
– NO foul language, and absolutely NO bullying will be tolerated
– do not make noise when campers are sleeping
– do not turn lights on after lights out
– do not touch campers’ items without their permission
– Obey rules for segregation of genders.
– Follow the timings of the camp schedule – this includes prayer times.
– We encourage you all to participate in recitations at prayer time.
– Show courtesy to others when playing.
– Clean up after playing; put items back where they were.
– Keep your bed and cabin area clean at all times.
– Any spills while eating should be cleaned up immediately.
– DO NOT waste any food.
– Refrain from taking long showers, so others have adequate time for showering as well.

All participants and campers are required to observe modesty while at camp. The camp will adhere to Islamic attire at all times. More guidelines, suggestions, and recommendations will be added later based on the camp activities.

One of the purposes of the camp is to allow for the campers to form connections with their Muslim peers. Therefore we discourage use of cell phones during the camp, because we want our campers to “disconnect” and reconnect with each other. There is no wifi at the campsite, and cell signal is poor. A landline is available for emergency use. Campers are allowed to bring their cell phones but we urge them to limit their use.

After the registration deadline, as stated on the poster / website, we cannot refund the registration fee unless there is a valid health reason from a physician. There are no refunds for early departures; this also applies to campers who are sent home for not abiding by the rules.