Q. How will we get to Camp Aspire?

A. We will be arranging a bus to take the campers to the camp from two locations, one in Richmond, and one in Surrey.

Q. Why are we going so far away?

A. A change of scenery can inspire a change in thinking. We are getting away from all the distractions so we can focus on what we care about.

Q. Am I guaranteed a spot if I register?

A. Camp Aspire has limited space! Please register as soon as possible so we can try an accommodate you.

Q. Do you have financial subsidies available?

A. Yes. To maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality as well as to have a fair and transparent process for subsidies, we are requesting (both) parents to send their most recent (2017 or 2018) Notice of Assessments (NOA) from the CRA to this email: treasurer@az-zahraa.org, along with a request of the subsidy amount requested: 10% off, 20% off, 30% off, 40% off, 50% off etc…

Br. Mustafa (the treasurer) will then assess the request and provide with you with a subsidy code that you can use on the website (campaspire.ca/register) to complete registration.

For individuals that do not have a NOA because they are new to the country or for other reasons, please do not hesitate to contact Br. Mustafa to make alternate arrangements for documentation.

Q. Will we be following Islamic rules?

A. Yes! This is a camp held for Muslims, by Muslims, and for the sake of Islam. We are accompanied by Sheikh Murtaza and refer to his guidance.