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At a Glance

Who: Madrasah Az-Zahraa & Al-Mustafa Madrasah

For: Muslim youth entering grade 8 in September 2017 – 2017 High school graduates

Date: Morning of August 18th – Evening of August 21st,  2017

Where: Camp Potlatch, Sunshine Coast, BC

Subsidized Cost:
$250 only!

Registration is now closed. We can’t wait to see you all at camp!

Camp Scholars:

Sheikh Saleem Bhimji & Sister Fatemah Meghjee!

Our Mission

“Aim higher, Grow Stronger, Stay Together”

Camp Aspire is an initiative undertaken jointly by Madrasah Az-Zahraa & Al-Mustafa Madrasah to create a space for youth to further grow in their Islamic identity and feel comfortable living Islam outside the traditional mosque setting. Open to all youth in our Muslim communities, we hope to engage students at the high school level – providing opportunities to ask our scholars in a very relaxed setting. Named Camp Aspire, we wish to give students a breath of fresh air, and to help them aspire for a greater purpose we are all created for.

Realizing that the classroom is not enough to give our youth a complete Islamic upbringing, Camp Aspire is an extension of our traditional Madrasah learning environment. We have capitalized on our dynamic teachers and community members to create a camp with a dramatically smaller student to counselor ratio. This allows us to connect with our youth more closely and build a sense of trust and mutual respect that will revitalize their love of Islam. We hope our team of Organizers and Counselors will be able to be lifelong mentors for youth as they struggle to find themselves and look to others for inspiration.

Camp Aspire hopes to infuse Islam into our way of life – from the guidance of our scholars and from the teachings of the Quran and the AhlulBayt. Our program focuses on the concept of “Living Islam” – an approach that focuses on developing an appreciation of God’s creation, a sense of relevance of faith in our lives and an immersive Islam where being Muslim is a natural feeling.

Our Organizers

We have an exciting team of organizers for Camp Aspire 2017! Read their bios to find out more about the fun we have planned!

Firas Moosvi – Camp Chair

1009497_10100697665704341_1251658501_oFiras is a Grade 8 and 9 teacher at the Madrasah Az-Zahraa and is currently a PhD. candidate at UBC in the area of Medical Physics. In his spare time, he has taken on several projects in the exciting field of Physics Education Research. He has had a fantastic time experimenting with novel teaching methods in Madrasah, and the kids seem to have enjoyed it as well. Firas loves the outdoors and in particular, water sports on canoes, kayaks and dragonboats. He is looking forward to taking kids out camping out this summer on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!





Nabila Jaffer – Fundraising Coordinator
pictureNabila is a 3rd year post secondary student at Vancouver Island University and is working towards a degree in Social Work . She is an active member of the Az-Zahraa community, working on humanitarian initiatives and previously serving as Youth Committee President. Her work within the wider community is focused around children and youth leadership development. Her interests includes updating her insta food blog @chakulastreetfood, meeting new people, and trying to make a positive impact everyday.




Aliridha Rashid – Marketing Coordinator

20150723_142930Aliridha is an instructor at Madrasah Az-Zahraa and has taken active roles at various events including the annual Journey Into Islam and the Richmond Doors Open. He is passionate about community development initiatives and has been involved in projects including Az-Zahraa Professional Development and the Nasheeds Club. Aliridha hopes to provide the youth with opportunities to build self confidence and to have strong ties within the community. He is also an avid badminton player and enjoys the company of out-of-the-box thinkers. With a team of such individuals, Aliridha knows that Camp Aspire is going to be so much fun!



Turab Moledina – Programs Coordinator

Slack for iOS Upload-2Turab Moledina is a passionate outdoor adventurer who was born and raised in supernatural British Columbia. While Turab graduated from SFU with a BSc in chemistry and physics and his job at a battery manufacturing plant currently keeps him at a desk or in the lab, his spirit and heart are always in nature. “Hiking, camping, and travelling are the best classrooms for us to discover who we are and who we want to be.” Turab has helped organize two summer camps at Az-Zahraa, arranged hikes for the girls’ Bulugh camp, and organized two Az-Zahraa Amazing Race Events.



Aliya Rashid – Volunteer Coordinator

20160717_161014Aliya is still new to Vancouver, but she has grown to love and really appreciate the beauty that is present here. She graduated from pharmacy school in New York and received her Pharm. D. in 2014 before getting married and moving to Vancouver. Aliya enjoys serving the community and helping others, and she finds it hard to say no when help is asked of her. She currently serves as Program Coordinator on the Az-Zahraa Youth Committee and is a teacher at Madrasah Az-Zahraa. She was an exhibitor for this year’s Journey Into Islam and Doors Open Richmond. Aliya loves hiking and playing badminton, and she treasures time with family and friends. She hopes that the youth will use Camp Aspire to help them form strong interpersonal connections and build positive character, inshAllah.





Hira Imam – Logistics Coordinator

917D3C85-DB7C-459F-BFB3-7D9950A05E96Hira Imam moved from Toronto last year and absolutely loves the weather in Vancouver. She recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology and specializing in Psychology. Hira has a strong interest in Social Psychology – interpersonal relations – and building strong ties within the community. She hopes that Camp Aspire will allow the youth of the Greater Vancouver Area to create long lasting, meaningful relationships that will lead them and, ultimately, their community to a fulfilling and successful life. In her spare time Hira loves to read (especially mystery and dystopian novels) and her favourite books are the Harry Potter series.





Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!